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Nuclear energy - Signing of a memorandum of cooperation with EDF in Paris

Image: General director ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. ing. Milan Masare at the ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation

28.11.2023 ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. signed a memorandum of cooperation with EDF (Électricité de France) – one of the final bidders in the tender for the completion of a new nuclear unit at the Dukovany nuclear power plant at the WNE - WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION in Paris.

EDF SA owns and operates the world's largest nuclear fleet in France consisting of 58 reactors with three different power levels (900 MWe, 1300 MWe and 1450 MWe).

Nuclear power plants in France (Image: World nuclear association) 

Nuclear power plant Penly, France (Image: EDF) 

L'énergie est notre avenir, économisons-la !

Energy is our future, save it !









ATEX certification of QED pumps supplied to Transpetrol


Source: website of the Transpetrol company

In September 2023, ATEX certification of 10 pcs of 300-QED-460 pumps delivered in 2007-2014 years to Transpetrol a.s., Slovakia to the filling stations PS5 Bučany, PS4 Šahy, PS1 Budkovce took place.

The pumps are designed as main magistral pumps with a flow rate of 2200 m3/h for pumping crude oil in the Druzhba crude oil pipeline, Slovak branch and were developed in ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC on the basis of customer requirements as a replacement of the obsolete original pumps of the former East German origin.


QED pumps are horizontal, centrifugal pumps with a double-inlet impeller with a radial diffuser and a horizontally split pump body.

The certification was carried out by FTZÚ Radvanice and a Certificate of Conformity was issued for the use of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres according to Directive 2014/34/EU.





Fosfa - Delivery of vertical pumps V-META-PLUS 24 ZC

Company FOSFA is one of the top processor of yellow phosphorus in Europe, which on the basis of phosphorus produces phosphoric acid and phosphates (sodium phosphates, potassium phosphates, ammonium phosphates) for food, pharma industry and also for other industrial applications.


Company ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC delivered 2 pcs of vertical pumping units V-META-PLUS 24 ZC to company FOSFA Břeclav, Czechia for pumping liquid yellow phosphorus flooded by water at a temperature  65-80°C.

Stainless steel pump (chrome-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel), length of immersed part 1356 mm.

Sports day

At the end of June, an annual sports afternoon for our employees took place on the playground in Bystrovany.

This time, the football tournament was won by the technicians' team over last year's winners, the workshop team.

Other sports enthusiasts could use the tennis court or play table tennis, and rich refreshments were prepared for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you again next year! 








Temelín-České Budějovice Heating pipeline - putting NJK pumps into trial operation


The employees of the ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC service put into trial operation the first 3 pumping sets 250-NJK-550 of the ETE-ČPS VRATNÁ position to trial operation. The pumping sets are part of a total of 12 pumping sets of delivery to the Temelín-České Budějovice Heating pipeline project and are designed for pumping hot water with a temperature of up to 140°C from the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant to České Budějovice for district heating of the city of České Budějovice.






Delivery of CVFV pumps to Gabčíkovo hydroelectric power station, Slovak Republic

Delivery of 4 vertical multi staged pumping units 350-CVFV-460 pumping Danube water to Gabčíkovo hydroelectric power station, Slovak Republic.

Length of pumps without electromotor approx. 19.5m.

Our new company canteen

At the beginning of April 2023, our company canteen was renovated.

We wish everyone bon appetit in the new premises!







Coke plant JSW KOKS Radlin Poland

We won a contract for the supply of pumps to the JSW KOKS Radlin coke plant in Poland. These are 8 pcs of horizontal centrifugal pumps BETA and 2 pcs of vertical centrifugal pumps V-MEXTA for the event: KRAiC installation - construction of a second line with a KOO column in the Radlin coke plant.

District heating Sofia Bulgaria

Contract for the supply of 2 pieces of vertical centrifugal multi stage pumps 125-CVUR-350 for the project District heating Sofia Bulgaria. Condensate pumps are designed for pumping condensate with a temperature of 25-110°C, Q=180 m3/h, H=160 m.

Delivery of vertical centrifugal pumps V-META-PLUS 2 OC to Spolana for pumping liquid sulfur

Delivery of 2 vertical centrifugal pumps V-META-PLUS 2 OC to Spolana s.r.o. Neratovice for the project Renewal of sulfur injection pumps at KS. The pumped medium is liquid sulfur with a temperature of 135-155 °C, Q = 10 m3/h, H = 40 m. The depth of the submerged part of the pump is 3.1 m, the heated version of the pump.

The order for the company Mondi Štětí

ISH PUMPS Olomouc a.s. had won the tender for production and installation of the vertical centrifugal pump for the company Mondi Štětí. The pump will be put into the operation in the first half of 2020. 

Quality management system certificate

From March 8. to 9. 2018 at the company ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. was carried out seventh extension audit of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

Company TÜV NORD issued the certificate confirming that the company ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. applies a management system according to the above standard for the development, production, sale and servicing of pumps and pumping sets. Certificate validity is till April 1, 2021.

EAC exports certificates

Company ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s.received EAC exports certificates on 27.3.2015 and 3.4.2015 for export of pumps to Russia, Belarus, Kazachstan, or to other countries of former CIS.

More information about certificates see here.

Quality management system certificate

From March 23. to 24. 2015 at the company ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. was carried out sixth extension audit of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.
Company TÜV NORD issued the certificate confirming that the company ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. applies a management system according to the above standard for the development, production and servicing of pumps and pumping sets. Certificate validity is till April 1, 2018.

More information see here.

ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. supports education.

Company ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s., whose main activity is the business in the field of pumping equipment, realizes also social responsibility. The company decided to donate total of 23 pieces of computers and 5 pieces of notebooks for the public benefit and education of young people.

ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. supported in this year:


  • Občianske združenie FELICITAS – support of the educational process in schools and orphanages
  • Střední odborná škola služeb – educational support
  • Spolek Trend vozíčkářů Olomouc – educational support
  • Village of Tovéř – support of local public library
  • Tvořílci Olomouc – support for creative workshops and playrooms for children

ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. is transparent company.

Based on the decision of the sole shareholder at exercising the powers of general meeting the form of shares changed from bearer shares in certificate form to registered share in certificate form. This fact was registered in the commercial register on 11. 7. 2013.

Although the owner of the company has not changed and is listed in the commercial register since 13. 3. 2008, the sole shareholder and management of the company strongly believes that this act will help the company ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s. to increase transparency towards all its business partners, either existing or potential.

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